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EPISODIC SCI-FI ADVENTURE! VAST™ – Cosmic Treasure Hunters is an anime-flavored sci-fi action adventure first person shooter about a misfit team of cosmic treasure hunters, in way over their heads!

Campaign Levels are released Episodically over time as FREE UPDATES. CAMPAIGN “THE FROZEN STAR” EPISODE 1 NOW INCLUDED!

VAST™ is an Apple TV Timed Exclusive! Play it ONLY on Apple TV right now! Apple TV 4K Recommended & Gamepad Required.  VAST™ is Apple TV’s FIRST & ONLY sci-fi first-person shooter!




VAST - Screenshot
VAST - Screenshot
VAST - Screenshot
VAST - Screenshot
VAST - Screenshot

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VAST Update 2 in the Home Stretch!

VAST Update 2 in the Home Stretch! TUESDAY JUNE 19, 2018 — ASTROGUN LLC – ASTROGUN.COM/ULTRA VAST: Update 2 is in the home stretch with a completely rebuilt and far expanded Episode 1! Gameplay Vertical Slice is completed, where the entire level is built in ‘graybox’ with all-new voice acting, a much expanded script and story, […]

Announcing VAST™ Update 2: A Complete Rebuild of Episode 1!

Announcing VAST™ Update 2: A Complete Rebuild of Episode 1! TUESDAY APRIL 10, 2018 — ASTROGUN LLC – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ASTROGUN.COM/ULTRA Astrogun is announcing VAST™ Update 2, the next major free release to come to VAST™ as Apple TV 4K’s first sci-fi anime-styled shooter awarded ‘BEST FPS’ by ATVG and available now under the Launch […]

VAST™ Update 1 (v1.0.1) – Release Notes

VAST™ Update 1 (v1.0.1) is LIVE. The focus of U1 was initial art enhancements after the launch of the game this past December. Art Enhancements in U1 include: Platform Textures UI HUD Shields Holographic Frame Fix Unique Zotugo Attack Unique Zotugo Death New Zotugo Projectile New Desoga Projectile Enhanced Desoga Death New Grpok Projectile Terminals […]

VAST™ Has Soft-Launched on Apple TV!

VAST™ HAS SOFT-LAUNCHED ON APPLE TV! December 13, 2017 — ASTROGUN — VAST™ has soft-launched as a timed-exclusive on Apple TV on December 13th, 2017 in the tvOS App Store Worldwide! The game is designed for the brand new Apple TV 4K (2017) in glorious 4K resolution and buttery-smooth 60fps! Gamepad is required, and the excellent Apple-Steelseries […]

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