VAST Update 1.0.3 LIVE: Continued Hotfixes for ‘Titanium Moth’

We have fixed another major issue that remained related to engine upgrades (VAST now runs on Unity 2018.3.0.f2 with minimum tvOS version of 12.0) and the ‘Titanium Moth’ bug in VAST 1.0.3, which went LIVE on the tvOS App Store today! Be sure to turn on Automatic App Updates: Settings -> Apps -> Automatically Update Apps (On) & Automatically Install Apps (On)

The fixed bug is:

  • FIXED: Player and Special Object Colliders Do Not Ignore Each Other (Between Player and Dead Enemy Bodies, Items, Special Scenery Objects)

New bugs introduced as a result of the fix:

  • Jump has Become Weird (Sometimes it seems like the Player jumps into himself, blocking his own jump)
  • Teleport-Out FOV Warp-Out Camera Effect No Longer Working
  • Doors(?) are showing up in the Radar as Dark Lines

Remaining known bugs related to this repair push:

  • Beautify Lens Flares No Longer Work (only on tvOS) and Unity’s Native Post-Processing Bloom Barely Works with White Blobs for Faulty Shader NaN Pixels: no bloom / flares are currently used for the time being.
  • All Ally NPCs have Lost Their Poses and Aren’t Accepting Pose Logic
  • HUD UI Elements Have Broken Masks
  • Viewing More than 1 Terminal Hits ‘Titanium Moth’ Memory Wall & Crashes App (this will be fixed naturally & automatically when Apple/Unity fix ‘Titanium Moth’ and is thus not actually a bug but a side-effect of the ‘Titanium Moth’ bug; we may be able to achieve a workaround hotfix by further optimizing graphics assets at even harsher quality compressions) – For now, we recommend only viewing the last terminal at the end of the Episode to teleport out and complete the level

We are continuing to patch as many of these now minor-only bugs that remain in the effort to restore VAST despite the Titanium Moth bug before we resume work on new content/features. Expect more updates soon!

It is worth mentioning that the hotfix to get Episode 1 running again despite the ‘Titanium Moth’ bug only works on Apple TV 4K currently until Apple/Unity themselves actually fix the bug generated on their end. Appel TV 4 simply does not have enough memory for the hotfix workaround to work.