December 13, 2017 — ASTROGUN — VAST™ has soft-launched as a timed-exclusive on Apple TV on December 13th, 2017 in the tvOS App Store Worldwide! The game is designed for the brand new Apple TV 4K (2017) in glorious 4K resolution and buttery-smooth 60fps! Gamepad is required, and the excellent Apple-Steelseries co-designed Nimbus controller is highly recommended.


VAST™ is an anime-flavored sci-fi action adventure first person shooter about a misfit team of cosmic treasure hunters, in way over their heads! In VAST™, you play as Enzo, the security cyborg on the Aces High expedition starship, owned and captained by cat Michu, piloted by blue-skinned hot-shot Yori, and led around the galaxy by their exo-archeologist frog-man Jasper. When the team arrives at the mythical Frozen Star, they find their ship is in need of repair with the Vorid horde hot on their trail. But what lurks around them in the Vast? Find out in this fast-paced run-and-gun sci-fi action adventure!

VAST - Gameplay

The game was designed to be an exciting and fun experience for generally all ages, rated 9+ on the App Store. VAST™ pushes the pedal to the metal with its game engine taking the Apple TV hardware to the limit, leveraging Apple’s Metal graphics framework to the max. Currently, there is no game like it in the entire tvOS App Store!

Get VAST™ this Christmas Holiday right now in the tvOS Store (Search: VAST)! If you’re getting or giving an ATV4K this Christmas, VAST™ is your #1 go-to first App purchase!

ASTROGUN - Xander Davis - Studio Photo

Creator Xander Davis of studio Astrogun

VAST™ was created by games industry veteran Xander Davis of his self-funded indie studio Astrogun. While working in the triple-A video games industry on 9.0-rated titles such as Transformers: War for Cybertron (Activision-Blizzard), Darksiders 2 (Vigil / THQ), Warhammer 40k: Regicide, and others, Xander began first developing his indie studio back in 2010, creating various prototypes along the years to build his skills towards making his own game entirely from scratch. He participated in the Ludum Dare 18 48-hour challenge, building and digitally shipping his first original game, Bombcrash, on Kongregate that summer over the two-day time limit. In 2011, he invented a unique Augmented Reality camera system called ‘holoscrolling’. Xander later became an independent global consultant for the games industry in 2013, freelancing worldwide on multiple titles.

By the Spring of 2017, the same day he and his wife Elizabeth Davis happily found out they became pregnant, Xander took the rest of the year off from freelancing. By the Summer, he decided to revive his plans for Astrogun, anticipating there might be an Apple TV 4K launching by the Fall (then only rumored). After building two prototypes, it was full steam ahead on the top-secret project codename ENDURANCE by July, which soon became VAST™.

The game launched as Xander’s first original console game with Episode 1 of its first 11-Episode campaign, ‘The Frozen Star’, after six months of solo fulltime development. He contracted the assistance of illustrator Jennyson Rosero from the Philippines to redraw Xander’s character designs in an anime style, create character key art and character emote avatars featured in-game, along with Rohan Singh in India to 3D model and rig the characters. They worked together easily over simple e-mail and Skype, with Xander the sole developer in the game engine. Xander provided the voice acting for Aces High protagonist crew-members Enzo and Jasper, while his wife Elizabeth voiced the crew-members Yori and Michu.

Now Xander’s dream of building and launching his own indie game on a console, especially Apple’s own new smoking 4K console, is finally realized. It’s up, up, and away going forward! Xander plans on continuing work on free automatic updates to refine and expand the art of each level and add new levels for free over time to complete the first Campaign throughout 2018. Check out this blog at often for updates, development journaling by Xander, and additional videos, studio interviews and feature articles, and other goodies!

Additionally, Xander’s studio Astrogun is already a licensed developer of Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox. Once VAST™’s first campaign is completed, it may be ported to other platforms, such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (macOS / Windows / Linux). But for the foreseeable future, VAST™ will remain an Apple TV timed-exclusive. Play it there FIRST!

Next, Xander is looking forward to his firstborn and first son, Grant Davis (due December 27th), whom is also listed in the credits as VAST™’s Production Baby!

VAST - Launch

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