VAST Update 1.0.5 LIVE: Continued Hotfixes for ‘Titanium Moth’

VAST patches continue with 1.0.5 now live on the tvOS App Store! Be sure to turn on Automatic App Updates: Settings -> Apps -> Automatically Update Apps (On) & Automatically Install Apps (On)

The fixed bugs today are:

  • FIXED: HUD UI Masks Were Broken
  • FIXED: Viewing more than 1 terminal hits ‘Titanium Moth‘ fake memory wall and crashes app (see below on texture compression)
  • FIXED: Adjusted Enzo’s Suit positioning on HUD

No new bugs seem to have resulted from these repairs.

Extra Enhancements:
  • Radically compressed all textures as much as possible, saving HALF A GIG in memory, even with the Titanium Moth bug.
  • Standardized the Front End to also be in 2K with Gameplay to maximize performance

Remaining known bugs related to this repair push:

  • Doors(?) are showing up in the Radar as Dark Lines
  • All Ally NPCs have Lost Their Poses and Aren’t Accepting Pose Logic
  • Beautify Lens Flares No Longer Work (only on tvOS) and Unity’s Native Post-Processing Bloom Barely Works with White Blobs for Faulty Shader NaN Pixels: no bloom / flares are currently used for the time being.

We are continuing to patch as many of these now minor-only bugs that remain in the effort to restore VAST despite the Titanium Moth bug before we resume work on new content/features. Expect more updates soon!

It is worth mentioning that the hotfix to get Episode 1 running again despite the ‘Titanium Moth‘ bug only works on Apple TV 4K currently until Apple/Unity themselves actually fix the bug generated on their end. Appel TV 4 simply does not have enough memory for the hotfix workaround to work. We recommend getting Apple TV 4K for the BEST VAST experience!