VAST Update 1.0.6 LIVE: Final Hotfixes for ‘Titanium Moth’ Completed!

VAST hotfixes for ‘Titanium Moth‘ conclude with 1.0.6, now live on the tvOS App Store! Be sure to turn on Automatic App Updates: Settings -> Apps -> Automatically Update Apps (On) & Automatically Install Apps (On)

The last remaining fixed bugs with this update are:

  • FIXED: Doors(?) are showing up in the Radar as Dark Lines
  • FIXED: All Ally NPCs have Lost Their Poses and Aren’t Accepting Pose Logic
  • FIXED: Air Stations weren’t showing an active state

No new bugs seem to have resulted from these repairs.

Extra Enhancements:
  • Added Depth of Field to Weapon Cam to enhance weapon presentation

We will search for new bloom/flare middleware that will replace the old solution that no longer works and Unity’s native solution that, for tvOS, never worked.

It is worth mentioning that the hotfix to get Episode 1 running again despite the ‘Titanium Moth‘ bug only works on Apple TV 4K currently until Apple/Unity themselves actually fix the bug generated on their end. Apple TV 4 simply does not have enough memory for the hotfix workaround to work. Once Apple/Unity actually fix Titanium Moth, we will endeavor to restore VAST functionality on Apple TV 4. We’ve always recommended getting Apple TV 4K for the BEST VAST experience!

All previous patch notes related to hotfixes for ‘Titanium Moth’: The original posts about ‘Titanium Moth’: Ongoing Unity Forum Thread about Titanium Moth: That wraps up our push to repair all issues that had arisen from engine updates and the ‘Titanium Moth’ bug from throughout 2018. We are 100% ship-shape and now ready to proceed with our plans for 2019! Some big exciting announcements are on their way soon!