Tutorial Video: Gamepad Pairing with macOS: Nimbus (MFi)

Astrogun games support MFi Gamepads, like the Steelseries Nimbus, and, on macOS, additional gamepads from major consoles.

Here, we’ll cover pairing the Steelseries Nimbus MFi gamepad with macOS to play our debut title ‘VAST – Cosmic Treasure Hunters’, available now on the macOS App Store. It is also available on the tvOS App Store and as ‘VAST – Pocket Edition’ on the iOS App Store.

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Wireless Pairing

For macOS, first, power on a charged Nimbus gamepad by moving the HOLD slider to the right.

Then press and hold the Bluetooth Pairing Button to enter pairing mode. Once in Pairing Mode, all four Player Indicator lights on the front of the Nimbus will start flashing in unison.

Go to the Bluetooth menu item up at the desktop Menu Bar and select Open Bluetooth Preferences.

If this menu item isn’t displayed, you can find it by going to System Preferences and selecting ‘Bluetooth’.

We recommend clicking the checkbox to ‘Show Bluetooth in Menu Bar’ so you can easily access and manage your connected devices, handy for turning them off later.

Under the Bluetooth Preferences window, the Nimbus and a Connect button will appear. Click ‘Connect’. This is only necessary if this is your first time pairing. The Nimbus gamepad’s Player 1 Indicator will glow solid once it is connected.

You can now close the Bluetooth window. It is important to always turn on your paired gamepad first before launching the app.

You can now launch the ‘VAST – Cosmic Treasure Hunters’ app and play.

Next, enjoy the game!

Disconnecting & Powering Off

When finished playing, quit the game to return to the macOS desktop.

Then, simply move the HOLD slider to the left to power the gamepad off.

It’s that easy.

Repeated Play

The next time you play is even easier. You can turn on your Nimbus gamepad by moving the HOLD slider to the right, and it will automatically remember and connect with your Mac. Be sure to do this before launching the app each time you want to play this way.

Wrapping Up

This tutorial with more detail is available as an article on A link to it is also in the video description below.

Other Videos

We provide video tutorials on our YouTube channel and for pairing our games on macOS with the PlayStation 4 DualShock 4, the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, the Xbox One Controller, Gamevice for iOS, and more.

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Have fun!