VAST Update 1.0.7 LIVE: Patch Notes

With VAST 1.0.7, the game has soft-launched on iOS worldwide! Optimizations for this are carried over and even extended to the tvOS version to restore playability to Apple TV 4 and up (including Apple TV 4K), DESPITE the ‘Titanium Moth’ bug (which quadruples Unity engine’s memory footprint on iOS/tvOS) and is still unresolved by Apple/Unity on their end. Apple TV 4 customers will be delighted to learn they can play VAST along with their Apple TV 4K friends again. Because of this, texture compression became super-high across the game and presentation resolution on tvOS was set to 1K (which we anticipate is temporary due to the Titanium Moth bug since VAST used to run at 2K on both Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K at launch).

Known issues with 1.0.7:

  • BUG – 1.0.7 – iOS: The Touch ‘Back’ Buttons on the Front End UI for the Episodes and Credits screens are not appearing for the live version as they had in testing

All previous patch notes related to hotfixes for ‘Titanium Moth’:

The original posts about ‘Titanium Moth’:

Ongoing Unity Forum Thread about Titanium Moth:

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