Astrogun is a small, independent video games studio and publisher, focused on building magical adventurous characters and experiences for all ages.  Let’s go!

This is a text block I’ve stubbed with temp content while I work on other more important things building the site.  I plan on saying something really cool, informative, and inspiring here once I get around to it.  I have a ton of irons in the fire right now and this is part of the fun of being a one-man studio.  Anyway, how are you?  What’s new?  Have you bought VAST yet?  I will be more than re-investing proceeds from your purchases into the quality of the game and keeping the lights on around here, believe me.

Currently, VAST is kind of on the tvOS App Store Underground, since you have to manually search for it to find it.  Tell all your friends about it and please, please, please leave a 5-star review to help us get featured in the App Store as we continue to expand and polish the game and add new Episodes to its first Campaign!

I’m thinking of warming up some oatmeal.  Later!

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Xander Davis
Founder, Studio Head