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ASTROGUN™ is the independent video games design, development, and publishing company of Xander Davis, creating adventurous characters and magical experiences for all ages.  The studio is self-funded and deliberately lean, hiring compartmentalized contractors worldwide as needs arise on various projects, assembling it all within.  Its debut game available now on Apple TV 4K is VAST™, in continued production for ongoing refinement and episodic expansion.

Astrogun LLC is a Licensed Developer with Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, Apple, Oculus, & Nvidia.
Using the Unity game engine, the studio is currently focused first on games development solely for the new Apple TV 4K

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A message from Xander:

As a boy, I used to draw video games on sheets of paper, side-scrolling screen-by-screen, page-by-page.  I would fill blank books with adventures of other video game characters, storyboarding their journey from ‘press start’ to the defeat of the final boss.

In the fourth grade, I would design my own handheld game devices on two cutout index cards glued together, so there was a slot to insert square sheets of paper as ‘game cartridges’ in between them, with a game view drawn on the side through the ‘front screen’. I would make several of these and sell them to classmates. On them, I designed a company logo that started with an A (the made-up name I can’t remember), and it was wrapped in a rounded rectangle…

Today, I am amazed that I subconsciously recreated that logo from my childhood here with Astrogun, only realizing it after it was formed again.

This time, the name I made-up for it actually means something specific and important to this company, an inherent embodiment of our mission.

After working in the triple-A games industry all over the country (from San Diego, to Atlanta, Austin, and Vegas) and going independent working with studios worldwide from back in Ohio, over a decade and a half of hard work is turning dreams into reality.  Years were spent specifically just honing in on how exactly I would define the company and the worlds it would build, the adventures we would have you embark upon with us.  To know who we are, and who we are not.

To know our mission…

ASTROGUN - Studio - Gamepad

ASTROGUN - Studio - Xander Davis

To create magical adventure, awe, & happiness in others around the world by providing unforgettable, wholesome, family-friendly, new, and unique gameplay and story experiences.

This crystalized in the last few years, and new opportunities emerged that finally presented a perfect constellation to charge forward without looking back anymore.

Astrogun has pushed through the threshold, having developed and shipped the beginning of its debut episodic title.  And now we’re entering a new phase.  Even harder work is ahead, but this is the work I have been working my whole life towards.

Join us on this journey forward.  It’s the most exciting time ever to be both a games developer and a player.

And we’re just getting started.

Xander Davis - Signature

Xander Davis
Founder, Studio Head

March 20th
During GDC 2018

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