Zonecaster™ – Early Access Web Patron

$4.99 / month

CURRENT PROJECT STATUS: Prototype Development Sandbox

Help fund Astrogun's efforts to create Zonecaster as we make it!


  • This is a monthly Patron Donation service that helps support indie development at Astrogun, specific to Zonecaster
  • Access RIGHT NOW to the Zonecaster™ WebConsole Demo
  • Steam Key When Game is Released on Steam (Win / Mac)
  • Be credited in the game under 'Dev Patrons'!
  • Provide feedback to the game's designer Xander Davis
  • Get exclusive access to special Devblog posts and Livestreams chronicling Zonecaster's creation
  • Join in Private weekly Livestream chats between Patrons and Xander
  • Bonus Zonecaster Full Res 11×17 300dpi Patron-Edition Poster Art PNG Download
  • Automatic Updates under the hood throughout development
  • To donate more, simply increase quantity of subscriptions now or at any time
  • Cancel or re-subscribe at any time

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This subscription unlocks the web-page to your account for however long you are subscribed. That page features a playable work-in-progress build of Astrogun’s Zonecaster™.

Play Zonecaster™ right in your browser as Astrogun builds the game over time with the Web Patron subscription! Updates will be automatically uploaded with each new development build. Your ongoing support helps Astrogun as a small independent developer. To donate more, simply increase quantity of subscriptions now or at any time. Cancel or re-subscribe at any time.

The current project status is at Prototype with a playable Development Sandbox level. The game is very, very early in development. Watch as the game updates with each new build automatically updated on the WebConsole free of charge with nothing required to install!


  • Fairly recent computer
  • Windows / macOS
  • Web-Browser capable of playing Unity HTML5 WebGL
  • Keyboard
  • Broadband Internet connection to load the game in-browser
  • Monitor capable of displaying the game at 1280×720 HD


  • This is not a final product. It is a patronage donation service to help support Astrogun.  A perk of this is that it provides access to a membership-restricted web-page with a Demo of a work-in-progress development build of the Astrogun game Zonecaster™.
  • The demo is presented ‘as-is’ as a ‘work-in-progress’.
  • This demo does not necessarily reflect the quality of the intended final product.
  • Purchase of this patron donation service will include a key to the final product when released on Steam only. For all other platforms, the product will be sold separately.
  • Your credit under ‘Dev Patrons’ will be included in the final product.
  • This game project is subject to change at the discretion of Astrogun at any time.
  • The cartridge artwork as the Product Image symbolically represents the subscription service and the game under the Astrogun Standard Meta-Console (SMC, sub-brand) Starbase™. In the WebConsole version (WebGL), the game is digital and loaded online in your web-browser that supports HTML5 WebGL.
  • There is no guarantee the project will be completed or per any set schedule– your patronage however helps encourage and support Astrogun towards these goals!
  • While you can cancel anytime, a monthly subscription fee is final and your subscription is good for the remainder of that paid month.
  • Subscription upgrades are prorated.
  • Thank you for supporting Astrogun and we hope you enjoy the game! Have fun!