Endurance™ – Patron

$4.99 / month

PROJECT BEGAN: June 28, 2017
CURRENT PROJECT STATUS: Prototype Development Sandbox

Help fund Astrogun's efforts to create Endurance as we make it!


  • This is a monthly Patron Donation service that helps support indie development at Astrogun, specific to Endurance
  • Be credited in the game under 'Dev Patrons'!
  • Provide feedback to the game's designer Xander Davis
  • Get exclusive access to special Devblog posts and Livestreams chronicling Endurance's creation
  • Join in Private weekly Livestream chats between Patrons and Xander
  • Automatic Updates under the hood throughout development
  • To donate more, simply increase quantity of subscriptions now or at any time
  • Cancel or re-subscribe at any time

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The WebConsole version cannot handle all of the awesomeness we’ve already put into the game (it runs out of memory). Backing this project will still be a way for you to show your support and unlock other exclusive content!


  • This is a patronage donation service to help support Astrogun.
  • Your credit under ‘Dev Patrons’ will be included in the final product.
  • This game project is subject to change at the discretion of Astrogun at any time.
  • The cartridge artwork as the Product Image symbolically represents the subscription service and the game under the Astrogun Standard Meta-Console (SMC, sub-brand) Starbase™.
  • There is no guarantee the project will be completed or per any set schedule– your patronage however helps encourage and support Astrogun towards these goals!
  • While you can cancel anytime, a monthly subscription fee is final and your subscription is good for the remainder of that paid month.
  • Subscription upgrades are prorated.
  • Thank you for supporting Astrogun and we hope you enjoy the game! Have fun!