Zonecaster™ (ゾーンキャスター “Zōnkyasutā”) is an upcoming sci-fantasy inter-dimensional top-down action RPG from designer Xander Davis of Astrogun. It is being initially designed and developed for Apple TV (tvOS, gamepad required), with an Early Access version available through WebGL directly on (see below). More info coming soon!

Early Access Web Patron Subscription

Play the game RIGHT NOW with the Early Access Web Patron subscription right here in your browser at! Automatic updates as soon as new builds are made! Provide feedback, help support Astrogun and its small indie dev operation, and be credited in the game under ‘Dev Patrons’! Cancel anytime. Sign-up for the Zonecaster™ Early Access Web Patron Subscription in the Store today and be part of the development process!


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Gamepad Support

Zonecaster™ supports a variety of gamepads, some of which are dependent on the target platform version across currently Windows / macOS / Linux / tvOS.  The WebGL version currently cannot detect gamepads, relying solely on mouse & keyboard. The iOS version supports all MFi Gamepads, particularly the Gamevice.
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