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VAST Bug: Level Loading Unity Memory Issue (Titanium Moth)


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This link goes to a 404. What's going on with the game? Bought this last night for my son for Christmas and it crashes while trying to load episode 1. I can't find anywhere that discusses a fix for it but it looks like that discussion was here. Please let me know how to fix this or how to get a refund. Thanks.

We've updated the link; it should work now.  We are currently waiting on Apple to issue a tvOS fix.  This bug has affected many game developers and games across both iOS and tvOS.  As soon as Apple issues this fix, we will deploy our update (ready to go) and it should work.  Unity, the company that makes the game engine, is working directly with Apple's engineers to address this, so we expect a fix to come soon.  Lots of great free updates and expansions are coming for VAST in 2019!

Hotfix submitted to Apple— the app update is Waiting for Review now.  With luck, it will go live in the next few days:

Hotfix: VAST Ep1v1 Running on tvOS Again DESPITE Apple/Unity ‘Titanium Moth’ Bug – Update Shipping Soon!


VAST 1.0.2 Hotfix is now LIVE in the tvOS App Store

VAST Update 1.0.2 LIVE: Hotfix for ‘Titanium Moth’

It's still crashing. I made sure the Apple TV was up to date and then uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Crashes just like it did before.

Are you on Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 4K?

Currently VAST is only officially supported on Apple TV 4K, but when the game launched it did run on both ATV4 and ATV4K.  Until Apple/Unity actually fixes the Titanium Moth bug on their end (which more than quadruples the memory footprint of the game engine on tvOS), Apple TV 4 simply does not have enough memory to run VAST, even with the hotfix.  Apple TV 4K, however, does and now is able to run it again.

I'm on Apple TV 4. So what you're saying is that this is only going to work on 4K? How do I get a refund since that was NOT clear at all when I purchased this on the app store?

The problem is, it should work on Apple TV 4, and as soon as Apple and Unity's engineers resolve the bug on their end, it will work again soon.  We have received a message directly from Unity that both their engineers and Apple engineers are working on it now.

When we originally built and launched the game, it did work on Apple TV 4 then.  Unfortunately, Apple does not provide a way for us to more clearly designate which device our apps work best on.

Our hotfixes are the best we can do to resolve the issue with the bug still present.  To get a refund, you are able to ask Apple for this within 30 days of purchase (check your receipt e-mailed to you from Apple for a link).  However, if you are willing to wait for Apple/Unity to fix their bug, it should work shortly.  We have faith that they will, especially because many other developers and games have been affected by this and, us together with them, their voices are being heard.

Here are the patch notes for the final hotfixes for Titanium Moth which include all previous links, articles, and the direct Unity Forum thread about this for more information:

Thank you for your patience.  This is definitely not ideal, but we have faith this will get resolved soon and VAST will be playable for all.

Good news!  Along with optimizing VAST to work on iPhone 6s and up for its iOS launch, we've also further optimized it to work again on Apple TV 4 (DESPITE the Titanium Moth bug that Apple/Unity has yet to fix on their end)

So once this update goes live (we expect either today or tomorrow) with 1.0.7, you will be able to play VAST on your Apple TV 4.  As a small indie studio, we very much appreciate your business and support!  Keep an eye out for the update and enjoy!