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iPhone X support and control problem

Why I post here is because these days of updates seems doesn't fix the important part on ios.


So I purchased the game on App Store and tried to play the game on my iPhone X when the game just out,

but I found that the game does not support iPhone X completely,

the worst part is, where I touch on the screen is not what game detect,

for instance, I pressed the switch weapon button, but the game detect that I pressed the fire button,

it fees like the button's detect area is pulled wider, but the buttons on the screen are not.


the other problems are, the movement and camera control,

neither parts work well, especially the camera part, it is really hard to control.

here are the best ways I thought:

for device without 3D touch function

for device with 3D touch function


the last problem, play the game with controller.

it works really well, however, I think the buttons on the screen block a lot of view,

it is best that the game detect the controller, and hide the buttons on screen automatically.


hope these informations could help.

Hi Kenny!  Thanks for posting this feedback.  It's very helpful, especially with the images you included.  We will look into this over the next two weeks and keep you posted on any progress that we make right here. ??

We believe we have solved this issue.  iPhone X optimizations will be coming in the next update (1.1.4) which should hopefully go live within a few days.  We will post here again when they do.  Thanks for your feedback!

The fix for this is now live!  Please update to 1.1.4, test, and let us know the results on your end.  Also what iPhone X are you using?  We believe we resolved this issue on our end by testing with iPhone XS Max (this is the only iPhone X we have and we got it this week specifically to optimize VAST for iPhone X going forward).  We hope this works for you! 🙂

VAST Update 1.1.4: Patch Notes


After the 1.1.4, I encounter the frame per second drop heavily, but it is okay after I restart my iPhone X.

So it looks good now, but it still have some problems:

1. the control is still the worst part of the game, it will be better if the developer could try the advice I post, or just give the game auto-aim.

2. the ammo part, it seems useless since the game doesn't have button to reload weapons, maybe just make it one total number for ammo.

3. use the controller to play the game would be good to have aim assistant, also I notice the movement is slower than using touch control.

4. It will be good if there is some options to lower the display effect.